Capital Conservatives in the Face of Liberalism

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  • 08/20/2022

Liberalism abounds at a small, Lutheran university just outside of Columbus, Ohio. But, a small group of conservative students within the school relish every opportunity to engage, antagonize and annoy their counterparts.    

Capital University's College Republicans invited me to speak about the Network of College Conservatives during the club's "Bias in the Classroom Week." Although I thoroughly enjoyed the event and my hosts, I realized the extent to which radical liberalism permeates not only our nation’s public schools but our private, Christian institutions as well.

During my speech, last week, before a crowd of students, I shared numerous examples of liberal indoctrination throughout higher education. One such story concerned a professor Human Events exposed last year who stated "Evolution is a 'theory' like gravity is a 'theory,'" As I looked out into the audience I was surprised to find a number of them agreeing with the professor’s statement.

During the question and answer session, one student asked, "What empirical evidence do you have of creationism?" I asked the student to look at his hand in hopes that he would notice the intricacies that made-up such a basic part of the human anatomy. I said, "Do you really think that [your hand] came from an ameba?" I went on to describe some of the pit-falls of evolution including the Cambrian explosion. But, some students continued to shake their heads at me as if intelligent design was a complete and utter falsehood. Did I mention that this was a religious institution where I was speaking? According to some of these students, there was no debate - evolution was a settled matter.

My jaw almost hit the floor again when another student said "murder" was really an "opinion." I couldn't believe it! Notions of moral relativism coming from a student attending a Christian school. How did this person come to think that murder was in the eye of the beholder?!?

My last example of liberalism gone wild at this Lutheran university deals with entitlement. I was asked, "Since you're reporting on abuses of liberalism within the classroom, who am I supposed to go to in order to report abuses of conservatism within the classroom?" In essence, where is the equivalent to the Network of College Conservatives…you know…so things can be equal? I said, "If you’re looking for something like the 'Network of College Liberals,' I would just report to the college."

How could students enrolled at a Christian university have such a skewed perception of reality?

This just goes to show, don't think sending your child to a private, religious institution will shield him/her from radical liberalism. Professors at private schools can indoctrinate your child just as well as professors at public schools.

However, I still have hope for Capital University. The school's College Republicans is a rather remarkable group of young men and women. They are not easily intimidated or frightened by the overwhelming number of left-wingers on campus nor are they bashful when it comes to challenging radical liberalism. The Capital University College Republicans are on the frontlines of the battle for academia, and they are making tremendous strides in what must seem, at times, to be an unwinnable war. This small yet determined group of conservatives made national headlines for their "John Kerry Flip-Flop 'n Waffle Breakfast" during the 2004 Presidential election. And, after telling me some of their plans, you’ll be hearing a lot more from these young men and women who are upholding conservative values in the face of liberalism.


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