Goodbye Dubai?

As the controversy continues to swirl surrounding the administration’s decision to allow a company owned by the United Arab Emirates to control several U.S. ports, Hillary has managed to stay in the spotlight. She still plans on introducing legislation to block any foreign government, not just the United Arab Emirates, from running a U.S. port. Said Hill: "This is not about any particular country."

She also has jumped on reports that the Dubai firm has links to the White House, noting with relish that "It appears that some of the people who did the vetting had prior connections with the company."

Hillary also sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, along with Sens. Menendez, Boxer and Lautenberg, asking the Republican to ensure that "emergency legislation we are introducing to ban foreign governments from controlling operations at our ports be slated for immediate consideration when the Senate convenes on February 27."

Frist has announced that if the administration does not reverse its decision to approve the Dubai Ports World sale, he will urge the Senate to act.