Liberals Hound Horowitz's New Book

David’ Horowitz’s new book The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America strikes a blow deep inside the belly of the beast. How can I be so sure? Simple — the left can’t stop chastising it.

Campus Progress writes, “…Horowitz, self-appointed watchdog of “liberal totalitarian” campuses across America, has returned with his most McCarthyesque work yet….”

Socialist Worker Online writes, “A RIGHT-wing ideologue levels the charge that dangerous radicals have infiltrated college campuses across the U.S. in a plot to corrupt America’s youth and undermine the U.S. government.”

Talk about running scared!

These left-wing websites argue that Horowitz’s claims are far-fetched and exaggerated. The Socialist Worker Online interviewed Dana Cloud, an associate professor of communications studies at the University of Texas in Austin, and a contributor to the socialist website, who made Horowitz’s list.

The real threat to academic freedom and free speech is Horowitz, says Cloud. “Universities have historically been sites of antiwar activism and other struggles,” she says. “They are supposed to be places for free inquiry, critical thinking and public dialogue. This is why cracking down on professors and universities is so important to the right wing…[T]hey want to scare faculty into not even raising the core questions that should be subjects of debate and discussion, like the war, Hurricane Katrina, the economy.”

Professor Cloud has got it partially right.

Universities have indeed historically been sites of antiwar activism and other struggles as a direct result of pervasive liberalism on campuses. And, yes, colleges and universities are supposed to be places for free inquiry, critical thinking and public dialogue but are far from it. Conservatives and right-wing philosophies currently have no place within higher education. Rarely do students graduate from college with a full and accurate understanding of conservatism. This bias is due to an almost insurmountable number of liberal professors and administrators who are stifling education.

Horowitz’s book is just the tip of the iceberg.

HUMAN EVENTS U and the Network of College Conservatives are already exposing liberal indoctrinators on college campuses.

Last week, we told you about a professor who described his politically charged “moral dilemma” to an economics class: "If Bush were to walk in front of my pickup truck, I’d be faced with a moral dilemma, and I might not be able to distinguish between the brake & the gas pedal."

We also documented another professor who said, “Evolution is a ‘theory’ like gravity is a ‘theory.’” Now that’s an instructor dedicated education. There’s not doubt he’s open to various ideas and determined to foster intellectual discussion within his classroom.

HUMAN EVENTS also reported on a science professor who maintained a bulletin board within the school that prominently displayed anti-Bush literature.

There’s no doubt radical liberals exists within the halls of academia, and their motives are to poison the minds of our nation’s youth.

Horowitz, HUMAN EVENTS U and the Network of College Conservatives are fed-up with one-sided curriculums, discussions and assignments running rampant throughout our institutions of higher learning. We will continue to expose and counter leftwing indoctrinators who make their homes on university and college campuses in order to restore intellectual integrity. Call it what they may, “witch-hunt,” “black-list,” “new McCarthyism,” the bottom line is professors should be teaching and not preaching to our children. We don’t expect liberal academia to go quietly, but then again, they shouldn’t expect us to go away either now that we’re on the hunt!