Conspiracy Theory 101

A Brigham Young University professor will ask for a Watergate-style special federal prosecutor to look into unanswered questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks according to Utah’s Daily Herald.

Yesterday, Steven E. Jones, a BYU physics professor, presented his theory that World Trade Center Building 7 was destroyed by controlled demolition and not a terrorist attack.

Jones founded a group called "Scholars for 9/11 Truth." It’s assembling a list of questions and will ask for a special prosecutor like the one used to probe the Watergate scandal, reports the article.

"Remember, I’m not alone anymore. I’ve got over 100 plus," said Jones.

Ironically, Jones’s presentation took place at the Marion K. Smith Science Fiction Symposium.

The Daily Herald writes:

"Among Jones’s tenets — fueled by research from engineers, scientists and government reports — is that the Osama bin Laden "smoking gun" confession tape is a fake and that slag from the WTC7 building will prove it was felled by thermite, an explosive combination of aluminum powder and a metal oxide. He also contends that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were contrived to gain access to oil there. Jones said he will soon receive a sample of the slag, and he believes analysis of the sample using an electron microscope will prove his thermite theory."

Apparently, Jones did display a slide saying the BYU Fulton College of Engineering does not back his hypotheses.

"During a question-and-answer period, one audience member asked why Jones gave ‘such a one-sided presentation’ and did not expose his political leanings. Jones replied, ‘These are the facts,’ and said he does not identify himself as a Democrat or Republican but does support the Constitution," writes the Daily Herald.