Raunchy Valentine's Day Quiz at Ball State

The "award winning" journalism department of my alma mater, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana posted an lewd, interactive "Sex Feud" online where students are asked where their favorite places to have sex on campus are, preferred sexual positions and body toppings to eat off their partner’s body —all for those nice, sweet feminists’ "V-Day Campaign 2006."

The poorly designed hot-pink and yellow graphics emulate the game show "Family Feud" with a raunchy feminist twist.

By playing the game, I learned that 44% of my former peers prefer to have Barry White "serenade their lovemaking," with Al Green coming in second. 17% of participants said Bracken Library was the best place to have sex on campus, where I used to work until 3 am at the research desk. (At least I didn’t have to make rounds on the dimly lit fourth floor late at night…)

Is this acceptable? No. Does Ball State care? No, again. If this isn’t evidence of the standards slipping in a formerly respectable journalism department, I don’t know what is. I’m glad I never took those classes.