Newt Aide Mocks DNC: 'This Unparalleled Research Wins Elections'

Newt Gingrich is shrugging off the latest attack from Democrats, who are poking fun of the former House speaker for being fat. A top Gingrich aide said mockingly: “This is the type of unparalleled research that wins elections. Keep those silver bullets coming!”

As the Drudge Report reveled today, a new opposition research packet from the Democratic National Committee contains a quote from Gingrich — “Turn off the TV, cut the fatty diet and get exercise” — below of photo of Gingrich carrying two plates of food.

Gingrich aide Rick Tyler said the DNC hit a new low.

“It’s amazing the DNC crack opposition research team has discovered that Newt, like 65% of Americans, struggles with his weight,” Tyler said. “This is the type of unparalleled research that wins elections. Keep those silver bullets coming!

“You’ll notice that he has a very healthy portion of fruit and vegetables,” Tyler added. “He’s also wearing glasses, so I’m sure the DNC will next attack him for wearing glasses and call him four-eyes.”

Tyler said he didn’t know where photo came from and wasn’t sure if it was even a recent picture of the former House speaker.

“I’m sure when he had two plates of food he was just taking one for the team,” Tyler said. “Because that’s Newt Gingrich—serving others.

“Maybe Drudge thought it was breaking news that the DNC was actually reporting something that was true as opposed to all the other opposition research they put out,” Tyler said.

Gingrich runs the Center for Health Transformation, a think tank dedicated to solving problems of childhood diabetes and childhood obesity among other projects.

“I think the DNC should talk to Democrats that Newt’s been working with, such as former Gov. Mark Warner, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who are at least working toward solutions to better health outcomes instead of just mocking those who are willing to tell the truth,” Tyler said.

“The DNC’s response to an epidemic of childhood diabetes and childhood obesity is to attack the messenger,” he continued. “At least Gingrich has the courage to tell the truth and is a much more effective and credible messenger than say a supermodel telling kids who are too heavy to lose weight. His credibility comes from the fact that being overweight is something he lives with every day.”