Teaching the Teachers

Attending a four-year American university or college: tens of thousands of dollars.

Attending an American university or college where your professors aren’t sure how to effectively teach: priceless! 

According to the News-Gazette of East Central Illinois, a few hundred University of Illinois faculty members attended a retreat to learn more about teaching methods and active learning. And, for some, a revolutionary new teaching concept was revealed at this gathering of intellects: the best teachers don’t just give their students answers, they raise questions.

Imagine that!

Yes, I know this idea of allowing college students to partake in an open, honest intellectual debate where discussion is encouraged and ideas can be exchanged is nothing new to most of us. But, to radical left-wing professors, who make their homes within the land of academia, this concept of allowing students to raise questions goes against everything they hold dear.

You see, professors who use their classrooms as bully pulpits in order to further their left-wing agendas believe in a much different teaching philosophy: don’t incorporate, indoctrinate.

For them, higher education is not about stimulating debate or discussion. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They would much rather have students who don’t ask questions and just take what they profess at face value. Take a look at the professors highlighted within David Horowitz’s new book; they’re prime examples!