Didn't Get Enough CPAC? Check Out These Blogs

Some of my new blogger friends did some outstanding work during the conference. Here are just a few of the folks who made important contributions:

And sharing with us CPAC recaps are a few others:

  • La Shawn Barber, “CPAC is the place to be if you want to network with and meet well-known conservatives. I thought of skipping the conference this year; I’m glad I changed my mind.”
  • David Lat, Wonkette: “Although we missed CPAC’s substantive presentations — if Ann Coulter mocking John Kerry as the other “dominant woman in American politics” qualifies as “substantive” — we did show up for the most important part: the drinking!”
  • Michael Lopez-Calderon, Inherit The Whirlwind: “As usual, there was a vast array of energetic, ebullient, and dare I write, stunningly-attractive young people – though in my non-Brokeback Mountain moment, I must confess my biased eyes focused on the female species only.”
  • Rocco DiPeppo, The Autonomist: “What can I say about CPAC 2006? To be honest, besides Anne Coulter’s, most of the speeches by the sundry politicians and celebrities at the event, were unremarkable in content. CPAC speakers generally relied on tried and proven boilerplate to make standard Conservative points. Considering that the conference is primarily a tool for attracting new blood to the Conservative movement, that’s unsurprising. But to a mature Conservative like myself, the conference’s speech content was generally unsatisfying. Rallying the young to the Conservative cause is the primary goal of CPAC, and it well-serves that purpose.”
  • Chris Nolan, Spot-On: “’s moderate faction went to hang with the conservatives last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference. We had fun. We even bought a copy of Instapundit Glenn Reynolds’ book, ‘An Army of Davids.’ Or course, he was holding a sling-shot when we handed over the credit cards….but we’re not reading too much into that.”