Cartoon Riots: Colossal Muslim Mistake

When Justice Samuel Alito donned his black robe and took his seat with his fellow justices in the court chamber of the Supreme Court, he probably saw on the wall to his right a magnificent frieze of ivory vein Spanish marble, forty feet long and over seven feet high, sculpted by Adolph Weinman in 1932.

This is the north frieze of the Supreme Court. There is a south frieze, which Justice Alito will see on the wall to his left. The friezes depict “Great Lawgivers of History.” Among others, the south frieze depicts Hammurabi, Moses, Solomon, Solon, Confucius, and Augustus Caesar.

Among the nine “lawgivers” carved by Weinman on the north frieze are Charlemagne and Justinian. Between them is the carved figure of a bearded man holding a book and a sword. The book is the Koran, the sword is the Sword of Islam. The man is Mohammed.

Since any physical depiction of “The Prophet” as the Muslims call their founder is blasphemous, will this disclosure result in threats to blow up the Supreme Court or demonstrations by crazed fanatics carrying posters saying “Behead the Justices?”

The cartoon riots are a colossal Muslim mistake. They have exposed Islam’s mortal weakness to the world: that it is so insecure it can’t take the heat of ridicule.

Instead of being confident, assured, and fearless, Muslims through their pathological outrage over some cartoons in an obscure Danish-language newspaper, are proclaiming to the world their lack of confidence, lack of assurance, and fear. As my father said:

“Show me a bully and I’ll show you a coward.”

It’s taken these cartoons for folks to figure this out about Muslims. While it’s easy to be scared of people when they’re terrorists, it’s hard to be scared of them when they’re a joke. By their frightened protests and threats, Muslims have turned Islam into a cartoon religion.

If they had shown the slightest bit of maturity and genuine confidence by ignoring the cartoons’ affront, the world in turn would have ignored the cartoons. By making such a globally stupid stink, when the world thinks of Muhammad now, it will think of a drawing of him with a lit bomb in his turban.

Smart work, guys. Further evidence that Islam is a doomed religion. Contrary to those who think Islam is taking over the planet, I think any religion preaching intolerance and violence has no future in today’s world.

“Islam” is the Arabic word for submission. Supposedly it means submission to Allah. But there’s now a new meaning. Muslims are going to submit to our values, for we are not going to submit to theirs.

Muslims are going to submit to our values of religious tolerance, human rights, and political freedom. It is we of the West who need an apology from them, not them from us, an apology for their terrorism and medieval fanaticism.

Remember when you were a kid in grade school, and if you really want to show contempt for someone you’d say, “He can dish it out but he can’t take it?” Muslims are like that.

They can dish out insults to infidels, arrest Christians for praying in Saudi Arabia, confiscate their Bibles and throw them in the trash, call Jews pigs and monkeys, and spit on the whole human race that isn’t Muslim. But they go into frenzies of righteous outrage at the slightest criticism of their history and beliefs.

The question we need to ask Muslims is: Until you start showing respect and tolerance for our values, religion, and civilization, why should we show any respect and tolerance for yours?

No more tolerance for Muslim bullies and their cartoon religion. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. It’s a message Muslims are going to hear more and more from now on.


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