Ridiculous Ray Nagin Rants Again

Reuters reports today that America’s most well-known mayor recently announced he may have to go above and beyond the bureaucracy of the U.S. government to rebuild his beloved "Chocolate City."

Mayor Ray Nagin, who hardly deserves to be a called a mayor at all (being as worthless as Mayor Quimby of "The Simpson’s" show — but at least Quimby’s dumb quips are funny!), has started asking foreign governments to aid in the rebuilding of New Orleans as he says the U.S. government isn’t doing enough.

According to the Reuters’ article, Nagin told French and local business officials touring the city last week: "I know we had a little disappointment earlier with some signals we’re getting from Washington but the international community may be able to fill the gap."

Now, I understand why Nagin would insist the government finish what they started in New Orleans after pledging "billions of dollars to Katrina victims" — but why does he wait until now to be assertive, act concerned and call for help..? I mean, why didn’t he pull out those "leadership" skills five months ago when they were so desperately needed?

Does anyone know why he is still the mayor of New Orleans? Can’t mayors be impeached too? Lucky for New Orleans, Nagin is up for re-election in April — it’s time they get rid of him before he makes New Orleans the laughing stock of the nation.

Although you’ve got to admit it — the more he says, the better the 2006 elections look for the Republican Party.