Academia Unveils Another Radical

That a Northwestern University professor denies the holocaust is of no surprise. Academia is home to radicals who cowardly hide behind tenure and academic freedom to push their repugnant and disturbing views. Engineering professor Arthur Butz has no academic business commenting on the Holocaust. He was hired to teach engineering, not blabber anti-Semitic statements. In the spirit of common sense and judiciousness, Northwestern Univ. should re-examine Butz’s professorship, immediately.

This incident has less to do with free speech and more to do with the judgment of a university bankrolling someone who clearly doesn’t have the temperament to teach young people. Keeping a Holocaust denier onboard is tantamount to allowing an apologist for the North American Man/Boy Love Assocation chair a history department. Clearly, anyone defending pedophilia needs to be in a psyche ward, not a classroom. Likewise, leaving room for young people to be influenced by a person who asserts that Hitler’s genocidal rampage was a "deliberately contrived falsehood" is unprofessional and, most importantly, dangerous.