Liberal Blog Compares Islam's Rage to Christians'

Well that didn’t take long. The main posting about the Mohammed cartoon controversy on DailyKos, the weblog extrordinaire of our fine lefty friends, offers a few details of the Mohammed cartoon uproar before admonishing its readers to remember the equivalent problems of intolerance that are found in Western societies. Examples include Christian objections to Ofill’s Virgin Mary painting and the cancellation of a TV show — "The Book of Daniel" — ostensibly due to Christian protests.

As for a discussion topic on this controversy, here’s what the Kossacks are asked to consider:

Should the restrictions or sensitivities of a specific faith–whether it be Christianity or Islam or whatever–act as a muzzle on freedom on expression? Even if the artist is not a believer of that faith? What level of deference–if any–should artists accord to religious considerations? The recent controversy is just another chapter in this debate, a debate all nations have engaged in–and a debate without a clear answer.

What the Kossacks utterly fail to comprehend is the difference between Christians saying they don’t like something in their own country, and Muslims violently lashing out and uttering fantastic threats across the entire Islamic world to protest a perceived slight from a newspaper published thousands of miles away from them. Do our lefty friends understand that Muslims are trying to dictate the boundaries of freedom of speech throughout the entire world? I don’t think so.