The 'Highbrow' Democratic Response

Gov. Tim Kaine’s eyebrow hurts.

After going through all the ups and downs of giving the Democrats’ response to the State of the Union it needs a rest.

I hate to be superficial, but this whole post is going to be.

I don’t remember much of what he said because I spent the first 30 seconds trying to figure out if this was really the Democrats’ response or a informercial for the newest carrot slicer and dicer. The fireplace in the background made me think he might throw in a free frozen food vacuum packager if I could make it until the end for the special offer.

But, instead of getting a 1-800 number to dial for my special discount price the bottom of the screen told me I was viewing the Democrats’ response. It’s a good thing they put the reminder on.

Then, the eyebrow was back. Up, down, up, down. How long would it stay up? Can he hold it? It was like watching the Grinch with a manic Bell’s Palsy affliction.

My boyfriend and I were cheering on the eyebrow instead of trying to decipher what message Kaine was trying to give.

In the end, we didn’t really know what that message was other than everybody should just have everything. We concluded that the message was soft and that the only thing that could be learned from this "highbrow" response from the cozy Virginia mansion fireside is that Kaine is looking for a Presidential bid.

Watch out, kids or the eyebrow might be coming to get you in 2008.