Pence: Make Marriage Amendment a Priority

Rep. Mike Pence (R.-Ind.) made a splash on Blog Row. As a blogger himself, Pence clearly felt at ease with the group.

Just back from an “energetic” Republican Study Committee retreat, Pence gave an upbeat report from the Baltimore confab. He said the group heard from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Sen. Phil Gramm and columnist George Will.

Pence said the RSC retreat drew 60 members (of 110 who belong the caucus).

The RSC agreed on some basic principles:

  • There was broad agreement on priority of budget reform. Pence said the RSC was going to revise and reissue agenda for fiscal discipline, perhaps within the next week.
  • The group had a broad discussion about social issues. He said members reached an agreement to bring the marriage amendment before the House in a legislatively effective manner.

When questions about the marriage amendment popped up — it’s an issue that President Bush has shown little attention of late — Pence stood firm in his belief that a solid majority of voters are eager for Congress to take action.

“When the federal courts are poised to redefine marriage,” Pence said, “the only arrow we have left in our quiver is to respond with a constitutional amendment.”

UPDATE: Pence also made a pitch for a balanced budget amendment and term limits. He said he supports two terms in Senate and six terms in House. He personally hasn’t taken the term-limits pledge.