Dear President Bush

Dear President Bush,

I know you are working on your State of the Union speech right now. Would you please address the following points?

1. Make the tax cuts permanent. This can only be a winning proposition. I don’t know a single American that doesn’t want to pay less in taxes. Besides, the evidence is pretty clear that the tax cuts have done a remarkable job revitalizing the economy.

2. Restart Social Security reform with private accounts — and this time, have a specific plan. I can go on for several pages about why private accounts are a good idea, (I would be happy to come by and discuss them with you) but just let me say this; if you created private accounts for Social Security you would create a legacy for yourself that could overshadow the War in Iraq – except this legacy is practically guaranteed to be positive.

3. Restart tax system reform and please don’t punt this off onto a committee. Ok, Ok, I understand taking on Social Security and keeping the tax cuts in place might be a lot, but at least consider it. And if you don’t think tax system reform will happen, at least go for another round of tax cuts. You know the last round worked out beautifully, why not try for another? Ultimately, people really don’t care what kind of system we have as long as it is perceived to be fair, is simple to understand and at the end of the day they have a little more to take home to the family.

4. I would like to see our brave men and women come home, sooner rather than later. All I ask is that we don’t leave a mess that we will need to clean up later. (And with Iran acting up, I understand that we may have to have troops in the area for a while.)

5. Don’t spend any more money. I don’t care how great an idea it seems, it just isn’t worth it. Besides the more you (and Congress) spend the less I have for my family. There is one exception to this the request; make sure our troops have the weapons and support they need to get the job done right.

I would like to include repealing the prescription drug benefit, but that might be stretching things a bit – besides it sounds like people are so confused about the plan that most aren’t signing up (Did you do that on purpose? Sorry, had to ask.)

Finally, Mr. President, don’t worry about the polls or the nattering class of special interests. Average Joes, like me, voted you in on the issues you promised to tackle (see above). As long as people see you lead where you promised to go, you will have all the support you could ever want.

Thank you for delivering on your promise to appoint good judges; let’s keep up the good work.

Thank you and God Bless.


Adam Rickel


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