Bill Nelson Slammed by Florida GOP

Here’s what the Florida Republican Party had to say about Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D.-Fla.) decision to oppose Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“Judge Alito is the most qualified Supreme Court nominee in nearly 70 years and has already been confirmed by unanimous consent of the U.S. Senate twice, while both Bob Graham and Lawton Chiles were in office.  Sen. Nelson’s opposition confirms that he has lost sight of the profound credentials of Judge Alito, the sentiments of Florida voters and the integrity of the Supreme Court – and has instead fallen prey to the extreme left wing of Ted Kennedy’s Democrat party.

“Floridian’s are watching, and this vote is a perfect example of why Nelson should receive the title "former Senator" from Florida voters this November.  Pandering to Ted Kennedy and Washington’s liberal special interest groups isn’t the way to win votes in Florida.”