Reagan Ranks Third in Greatness Scale

Pollster John Zogby revealed today that Ronald Reagan ranks third in Zogby’s presidential greatness scale. Reagan is behind top-ranked John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt.

Kennedy, Zogby said, enjoyed a "surge of fresh popularity," vaulting him to the greatest president of the modern era. He surpassed Roosevelt for the first time since early 2002, according to the new Zogby International poll. (Listen to Zogby’s audio commentary.)

Zogby revealed: "Ronald Reagan held third place, rounding out a trio of former Commanders in Chief who continue to stand head-and-shoulders above other colleagues in the eyes of their countrymen. Reagan, who died in June, 2004, retained the big gains he made in the survey following his death."

Placing fourth was Harry Truman, who was far behind Reagan in the poll.

Kennedy was rated as "great" or "near-great" by 73% of those surveyed, compared to 71% who felt the same way about Roosevelt. Reagan was rated as "great" or "near great" by 63% of respondents.

Zogby also reported that poll respondents have lower opinions of the five presidents still living, the survey shows. Clinton is rated the highest, at 45%, followed by George H.W. Bush (33%), Carter (32%), George W. Bush (31%), and Ford (17%).