No More Stealth Nominees, Please

The Evans-Novak Political Report was released today on HEO and one portion of the report, which contrasted Judge Samuel Alito’s hearings to those of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, really stood out to me:

The Alito nomination…may have opened the way for a different approach to Supreme Court nominees for conservatives in the future. In the past, Republican presidents have felt the need to serve up "stealth nominees" whose views are unknown. Alito did not fit this mold, and his superb performance in the hearings suggests that such stealthy games are not necessary, so long as charges cannot be dredged up about a nominee’s personal life. Moreover, these hearings explode the myth that a judge with conservative views needs to approach the witness stand with trepidation and obfuscate as much as possible, or else be "Borked."

Way to go Alito!! Conservative judges shouldn’t have to hide their views. No more stealth nominees, Mr. President, if you please.