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Says he's wrapped up votes to be majority leader


Blunt Declares Victory; Claims 117 Votes

Says he’s wrapped up votes to be majority leader

Rep. Roy Blunt (R.-Mo.) said today he had secured 117 votes, enough to become the next House majority leader.

Here’s Blunt’s official statement:

"I’ve counted a lot of votes in my seven years in the Whip’s office, and this was a well-fought fight on all sides," Blunt said.  "John Boehner is a great congressman and a good friend.  My friend John Shadegg is bringing an important focus to the final days of this race.  I look forward to working with both of them as we achieve great results for the American people."

"As I’ve talked with Members of our conference this week, we’ve discussed our party’s vision for a freer, safer and more prosperous America," Blunt continued.  "Our reform-minded majority will regain the trust of the American people and promote the common sense principles of smarter, not bigger government that is accountable to the people who send us here."

"The healthy debate we’re having this month will strengthen us," Blunt concluded.  

For more information, follow National Journal’s Hotline.

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