Hey Ted, Who Wrote Your Talking Points?

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins lets loose on Sen. Teddy Kennedy for his opening statement today about Samuel Alito. Perkins says he is most upset because Kennedy’s statement read so much like the talking points handed out by left-wing special interest groups.

Here’s Perkins’ statement in its entirety:

"The height of hypocrisy is in full array as the Senate Judiciary Committee questions one of the most qualified judges ever nominated to the court.

"Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) has shown us, once again, that he has no shame in his attempts to destroy the character of the good judges who have come before him and who have been nominated by a Republican president.

"As in the past, he began with his statement of total untruths to set the tone against the nomination of Judge Alito. Kennedy claimed that Judge Alito had never in his lower court rulings decided in favor of average Americans and set the stage for his audience of NARAL, NOW and the ACLU.

"No other member of the Judiciary Committee was as accusatory in their opening remarks as Kennedy. Make no mistake, the senators who have been consistently in the pocket of the liberal left organizations played to their agenda as well.

"Senator Kennedy should act more like a U.S. Senator and stop using talking points from the liberal groups with whom he routinely meets.

"Kudos to Senator Sessions who was prepared to respond to the untruths of Senator Kennedy and who recited case and point regarding each of the false charges Kennedy had leveled."