Alito Gets Boost From Justice Sunday III

Yesterday’s Justice Sunday III program in Philadelphia served as the right’s unofficial kickoff to Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings, which start today in Washington, D.C.

At last night’s event, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins led an all-star lineup of conservative and Christian speakers who were there to promote Alito’s confirmation and expose what they see at an assault on religious liberty by activist judges.

"Tonight we have educated people of faith as to why judicial decisions affect all aspects of our lives," Perkins said. "Our efforts do not end with a broadcast. We will continue to monitor and represent people of faith as the Alito hearings begin this week."

Other speakers included:

  • Rev. Herbert Lusk, Greater Exodus Baptist Church
  • Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)
  • Alveda C. King, King for America
  • James Dobson, Focus on the Family
  • Jerry Falwell, Liberty University
  • Bishop Wellington Boone, The Father’s House

"We were able to hold off Michael Moore and most of Hollywood and most of the national media … who fought so fiercely against the reelection of George Bush," Falwell said, according to press accounts. "Now we are looking at what we really started 30 years ago: the reconstruction of a court system gone awry."

The left made the most of the appearance by Santorum, who is in a closely watched race against Pennsylvania Treasurer Bob Casey Jr.

"The Supreme Court has become the supreme branch of our government, imposing its unrestrained will on all the people," Santorum reportedly said. "The only way to restore this republic our founders envisioned is to elevate honorable jurists like Samuel Alito."

News accounts of last night’s program, which reached millions via local cable stations and churches nationwide, are available from the Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post.