Murtha Is a Typical Politician

Rep. John Murtha doesn’t care about freedom or our soldiers or the people of Iraq.  He is only concerned about himself and his bank account.  This goes for the DNC also.  If they have any common decency the DNC should denounce Murtha and his anti-American, anti-freedom stance.

Murtha Raises DCCC $$ Off His Iraq Turn

Iraq war dissident John Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, has put pen to paper for a new fundraising appeal, and Republicans say his timing is an insult to Iraqis who voted in yesterday’s parliamentary election. They also accuse Dems of hypocrisy because Dems frequently accuse Republicans of politicizing the war.

Murtha’s solicitation was distributed via e-mail by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In it, Murtha writes, “The Republican-led Congress has become an automatic stamp of approval for the policies of the Bush Administration, and has squashed any debate to find alternatives that might better serve the American people. Even worse, when representatives have offered opposing views, there have been vicious personal attacks on character.”

“If we want Congress to once again be a place where open debate is supported and encouraged, then we need Democrats to regain the Majority in 2006.”

“Click here to make a contribution of $25, $50, or more for a Democratic Majority.”

National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Tom Reynolds blasted back in a statement: “One day after millions of Iraqis lined up at polling places nationwide to cast their ballots in parliamentary elections, I am saddened to see my friend from Pennsylvania, John Murtha, turn his widely respected positions on the war in Iraq into a fundraising ploy for House Democrats.”


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