Make Love, Hillary, Not War

During a recent speech at a youth summit in Chicago, Hillary was heckled by several anti-war protesters.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the small, boisterous group chanted, “Troops out now!” and held up signs that read, “Hillary supports war.”

They interrupted her speech twice, which caused Sen. Clinton to raise her voice and tell them she understood their concerns and would address them if they would be quiet. Hillary also said that others who came to see her “do not want to hear from you at this moment.”

The dozen or so young people were escorted out before she even spoke about Iraq at the end of her 40-minute speech. It was then that she told the crowd of 4,000 that there are no easy solutions in Iraq, and that the United States should start withdrawing troops if the Iraqis vote for an effective, responsible government that will ensure the rights of minorities and women on December 15.

She also said, “I disagree with those who believe we should immediately pull out, and I disagree with those who say we should stay there forever. … It would be wonderful if we could turn the clock back, but we cannot.”