Husband Troubles

Republican Jeanine Pirro’s candidacy for the New York Senate seat took a strange turn when a New York City newspaper reported that her husband, Albert Pirro, was, without her knowledge, pushing an effort to get her out of the U.S. Senate race and instead into a run for state attorney general.

This news broke just after Joseph Bruno, the state Senate’s Republican majority leader, also publicly called on Pirro to give up her Senate run and to try for state attorney general instead. Jeanine’s husband issued a statement that did not deny the report, but said, “any private conversations I have had were solely intended to support Jeanine’s political aspirations.”

This week, the state’s 62 county chairmen are scheduled to meet in Albany, where it is expected they will heavily debate whether Pirro should focus on attorney general rather than the Senate. When Hillary was asked about this latest development, she just said: “I will wait for the Republicans to sort out their own political situation. I have more than I can say grace over on my own side of the campaign ledger.”