Torture in Cuba

From today’s Houston Chronicle:

"American activists camping out at a Cuban military checkpoint outside the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay started their first day of a water-only fast Monday to protest the treatment of suspected terrorists detained at the base.

"Members of the largely Christian group Witness Against Torture are demanding access to the prisoner camp to meet with inmates. The activists arrived late Sunday at the checkpoint, which is about five miles from the U.S. base, after a five-day march from the eastern Cuban city of Santiago."

It figures. Thousands of prisoners in Cuba — and hundreds of them within a few miles of Guantanamo — would consider the life of a Guantanmo detainee idylic. And these Cubans weren’t jailed for terrorism. They were jailed (and tortured) for attempting to practice free speech and for possession of horrifically lethal  objects like Orwell’s Animal Farm. The group "Witness Against Torture" not only ignore’s their plight — it’s hosted and was transported to Guantanamo by the biggest torturer in the Hemishpere — Castro’s government! Regarding leftist hypocrisy towards Cuban Stalinism, nothing surprises me anymore.