Is Israel Moving Closer to Attacking Iran?

We’re getting further indications of Israeli preparations to attack Iran in order to wipe out its nuclear weapons development program. The report needs to be treated with some skepticism, since it’s based on anonymous sources, but it’s certainly consistent with other official Israeli reports indicating that the Israelis view the end of March as a deadline for diplomacy to solve the Iranian nuclear problem.

Notice that the report envisions not only an air strike on Iran, but also the insertion of Israeli ground troops. This could indicate the start of an all out war between Israel and Iran.

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to foresee that the U.N. and the entire world will condemn Israel. What will the U.S. position be? Will we join the chorus of denunciation for the favor that the Israelis will be doing for the world, as we did when they destroyed Sadaam Husein’s nuclear reactor?

Some other questions to consider: Will such an attack cause the disgruntled Iranian population to rally behind the regime or spark an effort to overthrow it? If the attack leads to prolonged fighting, will other Muslim nations enter the war?  What will be the response within Iraq, which has no love lost for the Zionists, but also has bitter memories of its own brutal war with Iran?

This fight could make the Iraq war look like a minor skirmish…