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UConn Students Tell Ann Coulter “You Suck”

When liberals attempted to muffle Ann Coulter with loud music and protesters booing and chanting, ?¢â??¬???You suck, you suck?¢â??¬  Coulter gave students at the Univeristy of Connecticut the change to engage by holding an open question and answer session for students. After being attacked and transitioning to Q and A she told students ?¢â??¬???I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am,?¢â??¬  which has been characterized as “hate speech” by sensitive students at UConn. Students protesting her appearance included Queers United Against Discrimination, the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, the Rainbow Center and Students Against Hate. Some protesters stood outside in the cold to hand out special Coulter bingo cards that contained a grid with words such as ?¢â??¬???liberal,?¢â??¬  ?¢â??¬???abortion,?¢â??¬  ?¢â??¬???feminists?¢â??¬  and ?¢â??¬???terrorism?¢â??¬  to check off as she spoke.

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