Republicans Urge Mel Gibson to Replace Arnold

California’s largest Republican volunteer organization is urging conservative Hollywood actor/director Mel Gibson to run for governor of California next year if incumbent Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger decides not to seek a second term.

Gibson, an Oscar winner for his role in “Braveheart,” has remained mum about “Draft Mel Gibson for Governor,” launched by the California Republican Assembly, a group former President Ronald Reagan dubbed “the conscience of the Republican Party.”

“Elections are about having choices,” said California Republican Assembly President Mike Spence. “With the governor’s appointment of Susan Kennedy, his talk of a $100 billion bond, and his special election defeats, people are speculating that he may not run again. We’re looking for choices.”

Schwarzenegger angered conservatives for his appointment of Kennedy as his chief of staff. She previously worked as a cabinet secretary in liberal Democrat Gov. Gray Davis’ administration, communications director to liberal U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, executive director for the California Democratic Party, and executive director of the California Abortion Rights Action League.

A month ago conservatives blamed Schwarzenegger for the defeat of four ballot propositions he put before voters. California political strategist Arnold Steinberg, writing for Human Events, said Schwarzenegger badly erred and would suffer consequences as a result.

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Spence said his California Republican Assembly is hoping to provide an alternative, and Gibson is just the man to do it. Gibson won over the hearts of Christians for his directing "The Passion of the Christ" in 2004. He is currently working on a miniseries about the Holocaust called "Flory."

The Draft Mel Gibson website implores: “With the possibility that a high profile democrat like Warren Beatty or Rob Reiner will enter the race, it is imperative that Republicans find a strong, appealing candidate who can win on Election Day. We believe that person is Mel Gibson. If you agree, sign our petition to encourage Mel to run for Governor.”