CNN Poll: Coulter 'Stupider' Than UConn Students

In response to Ann Coulter’s speech last night at UConn, CNN is conducting a poll on its homepage, asking the question: “Who is stupider?” The choices: “Ann Coulter” or “Jeering UConn students.”

The results of the loaded CNN question so far: Coulter is stupider (with 63%) than the UConn students (with 37%).

Last night in Storrs, Conn., where the University of Connecticut is located, Coulter was forced to cut short her speech to students when loud music blared over her voice. She decided to take questions instead of continuing.

Coulter told the crowd last night: "I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am."

For the record, Coulter graduated from Cornell University and the University of Michigan Law School. She is the legal affairs correspondent for HUMAN EVENTS.

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