Liberals Want CNN to Muzzle Coulter

Liberal activist group Media Matters for America is asking supporters to “Tell CNN to ditch Coulter” by launching an email blitz to CNN. The fundraising and publicity pitch pleads: “It’s time for CNN to stop helping Ann Coulter to spew her false and offensive bile to the American public.”

Coulter, this newspaper’s legal affairs correspondent and the place she calls home, is a favorite of Media Matters’ to attack. She appeared on CNN last week, apparently prompting the dispatch from Media Matters.

Here is Media Matters’ email:

Last Friday, right-wing radical Ann Coulter made her 10th appearance on CNN since the beginning of 2004. On the November 25 edition of “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” she “discussed” her recent column, in which she called Democrats “gutless traitors” and explained that Democrats’ behavior shows they “long to see U.S. troops shot, humiliated, and driven from the field of battle.” Why does CNN continue to give Coulter a platform to air her outrageous statements?

On other occasions, Coulter has accused the Democratic Party of “support[ing] killing, lying, adultery, thievery, envy,” written that the only question about Bill Clinton was “whether to impeach or assassinate,” and said that her “only regret” about the Oklahoma City bombing was that Timothy McVeigh “did not go to the New York Times building.” Following a column she wrote in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks — in which she wrote that the United States’ response to the terrorists should be to “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” — the conservative National Review Online dropped her column. She was also fired by MSNBC for comments she made on the air in 1997.

Coulter also has a long history of spreading false information. She has falsely claimed that a “majority of Hispanics voted in favor of” Proposition 187, a controversial California ballot measure that sought to deny illegal immigrants most government services; in fact, exit polling shows that the vast majority of Hispanics voted against Proposition 187. After Hurricane Katrina, Coulter appeared on Fox News and made several false statements pertaining to the hurricane and the relief efforts taking place in its aftermath.

It’s time for CNN to stop helping Ann Coulter to spew her false and offensive bile to the American public.

Take Action! Click here to contact CNN and let it know that Coulter’s hate and misinformation don’t belong on network news.

Don’t let this happen. You can get involved, too. Cast a vote of support for Ann at the above CNN link.


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