What Will You Get the Liberals in the Family This Season?

On Wonkette today, there was a short bite about tongue in cheek gifts to give young conservatives. (It’s copied and pasted below so you don’t have to actually go to the site)
Risk/Balderdash. Two great games that go great together! Risk all as you move with impunity to achieve world domination. Then, make up all kinds of crazy s*** afterwards to justify what you did. When someone cries Balderdash, point out that no one made them play.
I thought it would be fun for HE bloggers to suggest what gifts we might give Democrats for the holiday season.
My first suggestion? Liberalopoly where instead of trading property players swap political favors for money from the PFAW’s and NARAL’s of the world and a drunken Teddy Kennedy lounges on the lawn. 
Your suggestions?