Glossing Over British Multiculturalism

The International Herald Tribune is running a rambling and incoherent "news analysis" attributing the rioting in France to that country’s refusal to adopt multiculturalism. Britain, in contrast, is portrayed as a tentative multicultural success story, even though the writer is later forced to admit that race riots ritually break out there every five years.

Further, the article hints that many people believe the adoption of multicultural policies has coincided with increasing racial segregation. This seems to be the effect wherever multicultural policies are adopted, belying multicultualism’s boosters’ superstitious belief that encouraging immigrants to retain their native cultures and languages somehow assists their integration into society.

The fact that British multiculturalism has resulted in the creation of an entire subculture of viciously anti-British and anti-Western Islamic radicals that has spawned the likes of the London bombers is glossed over in the "analysis."