Sen. Hatch Is No 'Ethics Hero'

"Ethics Group Revokes Hatch Award"

That’s the headline on a Deseret Morning News story today about Sen. Orrin Hatch (R.-Utah), who was honored last year as an "Ethics Hero" following his traitorous attack on former staffer Manuel Miranda, who was under fire by Senate Democrats at the time.

Miranda, now chairman of the Third Branch Coalition, was working for Hatch in 2003 when a colleague of his stumbled across Democrat memos that showed in detail how liberal interest groups were calling the shots in opposition of President Bush’s judicial nominees.

Democrats, upon disclosure of these memos to the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times, were able to twist the story, blaming Miranda for the leak. The liberal Washington press corps bought it, and Hatch took the bait. Miranda was forced to resign from his job as counsel to Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.).

Today’s Deseret Morning News story recaps how the group, Ethics Scoreboard, revoked the award:

“[D]iscussions with those in a position to know have revealed that Senator Hatch’s handling of this incident was in truth an example of a leader throwing a subordinate to the wolves in order to burnish his image. Hatch himself has a well-earned reputation as a prolific leaker of confidential and even classified information, and also had a role in creating the atmosphere of bitter ideological combat on the Judiciary Committee that led to the incident."

Miranda must be having quite a chuckle right about now.