Pence to Moderates: Live Up to Republican Principles

We’re now getting the conservative take on the GOP’s failure to vote on the budget bill today—despite the 231-202 Republican majority in the House. Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Mike Pence (R.-Ind.) and RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R.-Tex.) had this to say:

"House conservatives are profoundly disappointed that Congress did not vote on Speaker Hastert’s plan to put our fiscal house in order.  We remain determined to offset the cost of Hurricane Katrina with more than $50 billion in savings.  The American people long to see this Republican Majority apply the principles of limited government and fiscal discipline to the challenges facing our federal budget.  We urge our colleagues to live up to the ideals of our party and our principles by supporting the Deficit Reduction Act and call on Congressional Leadership to schedule the bill for immediate consideration."