Any Al Qaeda Crossing Mexican Border Remain at Large

Speaking about border security in a press conference Wednesday, Representative Sue Myrick of North Carolina stated:

“I mean they just arrested down on the border, what a couple of weeks ago, three al Qaeda members who came across from Mexico into the United States. I mean that’s a given fact. They were holding them in the jail down there."

Her apparent revelation caused quite a commotion on Internet news forums and blogs and provoked considerable surprise that the story had not been previously reported.  It appears, however, that Myrick misspoke.  I contacted a press spokesman in her office, who indicated that Myrick had apparently misinterpreted a previous federal report that authorities were to be on the lookout for three al Qaeda operatives putatively trying to pass into the United States from Mexico.

Your intrepid reporter immediately became suspicious of the story when it indicated that al Qaeda operatives had been caught crossing the border.  As we all know, almost no one is caught crossing our borders.  And those unlucky enough to trip over an overworked Border Patrol Officer are simply returned to Mexico, unidentified, to try again.

Thus, we can all rest assured that any Al Qaeda operatives crossing our southern border have not actually been caught.