Left Wants Sandra to Stay On, Bush to Wait and Think on Next Nominee

Frightened Harriet Miers’ withdrawal today is likely to cue up the Scalia-Thomas type judge the conservative base has been clamoring for since the last one was "Borked," liberals are trying to hang on to swing voter Sandra Day O’Conner for dear life.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is asking supporters to send a messages to the White House and "Urge him [President Bush] to ask Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to serve out this current term. There is absolutely no reason for Bush to rush the process. Instead, he should think of what’s best for the country – and what’s best right now is to maintain continuity and stability on the Supreme Court. "

Other spur of the minute liberal spin tries to convince supporters Miers’ withdrawal is a signal the President has caved to the radical right and key Democratic senators quickly try to cast Miers in their rearview mirrors as a qualified nominee who was unfairly rejected because she was not an ideologue.