Mullahs in Black

Howard Dean hates Republicans and everything we stand for, but now he’s also fed up with the Shiite clerics of the white Christian party.  As noted by Drudge, Dean told 400 supporters in Maine on Saturday: "I’m tired of the ayatollahs of the right wing" (A reader blog at Daily Kos called Septic Tank used “ayatollahs of the right” in April).

Or maybe Dean just has Ayatollahs on the brain.

Remember Sean Penn’s trip to Iran to observe presidential elections for the San Francisco Chronicle (excerpt: “We were sitting in Nayeb restaurant in central Tehran. I’d been holding a piss through the hours of prayer service.”)?  Well, it seems people got upset.

Last week Iran’s mullahs in black, through their puppet Supreme Cultural Revolutionary Council, escalated and banned all films “advocating the system practiced by the world arrogant powers.” That’s more than just Colors and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Specifically, they banned the distribution and screening of “films promoting schools of thoughts such as secularism, liberalism, nihilism or feminism as well as those underestimating the original cultures of the oriental (religious) communities.” Tehran power lines are probably beginning to sag from round-the-clock Great Satan film festivals mounted in protest (If the mullahs can be wrong about everything else, why take any chances?), but Hollywood makes nothing off bootlegs.

With mullahs like these, Dean must wonder, who needs Ayatollahs?