Bush Cancelled the Big Game

Obviously, conservatives are concerned about Bush’s Supreme Court nomination because the stakes are so high (abortion, eminent domain, etc.). But there’s another – less weighty reason.

Real activists relish politics the way some people love sports. We root for our "team," and look forward to "The Big Game" (which could be compared to a Supreme Court nomination fight).

Activists do a lot of boring stuff, too. We knock on doors and stuff envelopes – not the most glamorous work. But like an optimistic Chicago Cubs fan, we happily endure this drudgery in the hopes that some day our team will rise up and defeat – no, crush – the other team. (We imagine this will feel the like when the Red Sox beat the Yankees last year).

By avoiding a "fight" over this nomination, Bush has deprived conservative activists of the spectacle we’ve been waiting for. He’s deprived us of getting to show up at work on Monday morning and "rub it in the liberals’ faces." But alas, the game was cancelled – or postponed. It was as if Joe Gibbs and Bill Parcells decided to come to an agreement and "skip" the annual Redskins’/Cowboys’ Monday night clash (because somebody might get hurt).

Sports and politics have long been compared to war (politics has been called a "bloodless war"). Bush will argue that we’ve won the war without firing a shot. But General Patton once said, "All real Americans love the sting and clash of battle." By avoiding a fight, Bush has deprived us of the opportunity to "paint our faces" and root for "our team." Where’s the fun in that?