Peace and Quiet

I think listening to Hugo Chavez speechify is considered torture in some countries, but between songs and fascinating production figures, he occasionally says something that makes you pay attention.

“Brazil has advanced in its nuclear research, nuclear power, and that’s valid. Argentina too, and we also are starting to do research and projects in the area of nuclear energy, with peaceful aims of course,” Ch???? ¡vez said Sunday during his weekly radio and TV program “Hello President.”

Ch???? ¡vez has said he is interested in working with Iran to explore peaceful nuclear energy and has insisted that Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy despite opposition from the U.S. government’s fears that Tehran may be developing a nuclear weapons program. Ch???? ¡vez said he hoped to visit Iran soon.

“As soon as we can, we will go,” he said. Ch???? ¡vez called Iran, Russia and China “the triangle of strength” and said he is pleased his country enjoys close relations with the governments.

If communism can make Germans poor and Cuban cigars second-rate, maybe it can make Venezuela into an energy importing workers paradise.  Peak oil and all, understand.

In related procurement news, Chavez wants quieter Russian submarines (No doubt out of his concern for porpoises). Strategy Page has the goods:

October 3, 2005: President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has caused quite a bit of heartburn in the region because of his leftist politics. Chavez has become quite chummy with communist dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba, and is now taking a page from the Cold War playbook by turning to Russia for weapons. Unlike Cuba, Venezuela has lots of oil money, and the Russians are eagerly offering Chavez just about anything he wants. Chavez wants three more submarines, and the Russians are hot to find export customers for their new Lada (replacement form the Kilo) diesel electric boats.

This isn’t going to end well, probably for Hugo.