Harry Likes Harriet

Perhaps this is a sign of things to come on the Harriett Miers nomination. Our fearless Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) likes the woman. Here’s Reid’s statement on Miers.

I like Harriet Miers.  As White House Counsel, she has worked with me in a courteous and professional manner.  I am also impressed with the fact that she was a trailblazer for women as managing partner of a major Dallas law firm and as the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association. 

In my view, the Supreme Court would benefit from the addition of a justice who has real experience as a practicing lawyer.  The current justices have all been chosen from the lower federal courts.  A nominee with relevant non-judicial experience would bring a different and useful perspective to the Court. 

I look forward to the Judiciary Committee process which will help the American people learn more about Harriet Miers, and help the Senate determine whether she deserves a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.

By comparison, this is what Reid said about John Roberts moments after he was nominated:

The President has made his choice.  Now the Senate will do its job of deciding whether to confirm John Roberts to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.

The President has chosen someone with suitable legal credentials, but that is not the end of our inquiry.  The Senate must review Judge Roberts’s record to determine if he has a demonstrated commitment to the core American values of freedom, equality and fairness.  The nominee will have an opportunity to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and make his case to the American people.

I will not pre-judge this nomination.  I look forward to learning more about Judge Roberts.

With Give ‘Em Hell Harry on her side, it seems as though Miers will face a greater fight from the right rather than the left.