Sheehan Unplugged

Cindy Sheehan finds out what happens to people who cross Hillary, especially in her back yard. The Village Voice, though, seems perplexed:

Yet for all their fussing over sound permits, the police evidently weren’t troubled the young folkie who set up his own mic and portable amp shortly after Sheehan and her entourage had left, then launched into a round of Dylanesque protest songs.

Sheehan’s mic wasn’t that much louder, leaving one to wonder whether the cops’ hasty halt to the speakout was perhaps motivated more by the crowd she drew and the radical posturing voiced by some of the speakers leading up to her—including Dustin Langley of the Troops Out Now coalition, who urged the anti-warriors milling in the bright sun to "open a new front of resistance right here. Bring Falluja to New York and shut it down!”

On second thought, maybe it was just the Fallujah guy. Downloadable flyers from Comrade Dustin’s coalition website demand: “Support the Palestinian People’s Right to Return!” There’s also the catchy “Stop the Threats Against Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Africa & North Korea!”

The DLC should pay that guy to travel with Sheehan.