We're Way Worse than N. Korea

Very interesting article in the International Herald Tribune today about a dispute over the MacArthur statue in Incheon. Radical young Koreans are demanding it be torn down, while the older generation and groups of war veterans have taken to the streets to defend MacArthur. The article reports that the radicals believe the U.S. "is no longer the country that once saved South Korea but rather an international bully whose hard-line policy on North Korea is a bigger threat to peace than the North’s nuclear weapons program itself."

So the efforts to keep a maniacal dictator (whose father invaded South Korea) from obtaining nuclear weapons are a bigger threat to South Korea than the dictator’s own nuclear weapons program?

What are Korean schools teaching these young people about the Korean War? Their worldview is so warped and miopic that it’s almost as if they’re using textbooks written by American academics.