Socialism on the March

President Bush has just concluded his obligatory speech from New Orleans to tell us how we’re all going to be heavily involved and invested in the rebuilding of the Crescent City.

Let’s take a quick look at his laundry list — a list for which he neglected to name a price tag.

• The federal government will "do what it takes" and will "stay as long as it takes" — great, just what I wanted to hear.

• States will be reimbursed for their efforts in responding to Katrina. Does that include states like North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Montana where some of the victims/refugees might have gone?

• Contrary to the strong suggestions of Jack Kemp, there will be no attempt to employ the idea of capitalism and free enterprise in this "recovery."

• The Katrina aftermath proved to be a massive failure of government. So, Bush and his men think that the correct response to major federal government mess-ups is what — more federal government?

• He, of course, had to pander to the Left and note that "poverty has its roots in racial discrimination." What a load of malarkey. Poverty has its roots in the current welfare state — which is exactly what Bush is proposing.

How much is this thing going to cost? Who knows! Could be $200 billion or more.

Who’s going to pay for it? You are. I am.

Forget about making the tax cuts permanent. You know, the tax cuts that turned the economy around, pulling us out of a recession.

Want AMT relief? Too bad.

Want to get rid of the Death Tax? Not likely.

Sounds a lot like Marx to me: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."