Whoa There

Arabian horse trainer and Court TV host Catherine Crier worries that the United States will be a country comparable to Saudi Arabia when conservatives take the reins.

Most of them would like to see the United States under biblical law. Comparable to countries like Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, all of which live by Sharia (the strict Islamic code of the Koran), America’s right-wing fundamentalists seek a nation governed by Old and New Testament scripture. Born-again Christianity will supplant the Constitution. This is no exaggeration—purchase a DVD of either Justice Sunday event, buy a book by one of their ministers, or simply go to one of their web sites. They do not make a secret of it. What’s more, they demand that all Americans adhere to their rigid and reactionary beliefs.

Of course we demand adherence to our rigid and reactionary beliefs, Catherine dear (and do capitalize Biblical). But that’s all a smoke screen for our real agenda: Stricter helmet laws for horse people.