'So Long' to the King

It seems King of the Hill – one of the few TV shows I enjoy – is ending after 10 years. I rate the show as “near-great.”  In “Matt’s World” this means it is not as good as Seinfeld or Andy Griffith – but still better than King of Queens. 

This prime-time cartoon is much more family friendly than its counterparts, The Simpson’s, Family Guy, and South Park.  It is smart, yet simple.  It’s also edgy (Hank once “mooned” former Texas Governor Ann Richards), yet teaches family values (Hank once said of Ronald Reagan, “I miss voting for that man”).

Cartoons have a big advantage over other shows; the actors don’t age.  Andy Griffith lost Barney Fife and had to replace him with some guy named “Warren.”  Then, he had to deal with Opie hitting puberty.  No show could survive that one-two punch.  Hank Hill can’t lose any of his friends, and Bobby Hill hasn’t grown a bit in ten years.  So why not keep it going??? 

The good news is that King of the Hill is like lasagna – even better reheated.  At least we can look forward to the re-runs on FOX!