War on Terror: History Is On Our Side

National Journal’s current cover story, “Get a Grip” reveals: “Terrorists can kill and maim, but they seldom win.”

In this well-written article, author Paul Starobin recounts the history of terrorism and reveals its pitiful record of success. 

Here are some of his revelations:

  • Cigarettes are much more likely to kill you than terror.
  • Terrorism is the weapon of the weak. (As Starobin points out, the strong have real armies.)
  • Terrorism is based on the notion that the threads of society are easily severed — that is demonstrably false.
  • From the French Revolution to the KKK to the Middle East – terrorism has a history of failure.
  • Civil disobedience works better in the long run.  It’s hard for people to be sympathetic to your cause when you are committing atrocities.

History is on our side.