Helms' New Book

There is no reason why Senator Helms’ book shouldn’t hit the best sellers list. Please take a minute to read this message and pass it along to your friends and family.

To my faithful conservative friend,

Since his retirement from the US Senate, my husband, Jesse Helms, has spent the last two years writing the life story of his entire career and the causes we conservatives championed together.

The result is the appropriately titled Here’s Where I Stand.

The liberal media who opposed Jesse throughout his years in Washington are set to torpedo his definitive memoir.

So, it is going to be up to us to get the word out!

Can you imagine the liberal panic should Jesse¹s book hit the national best-seller lists? It¹s fun to think about. But it¹s also important to remember why the liberals ruining our country opposed my husband all those years:

Jesse stood with President Ronald Reagan before others even gave Reagan a chance.

Jesse stood for our values, even when others mocked him for doing so.

Jesse stood for our young people to provide them with a strong, secure future.

Now I¹m asking you to stand for Jesse.

Please, order your copy of Here’s Where I Stand, read it and get involved. Conservatives are counting on you!


Dorothy Helms
(Mrs. Jesse Helms)

Don’t you wish more elected officials had the conviction, honor and integrity of Senator Helms?