Young Conservatives Keep Legislators' Feet to the Fire

Just got this press release from those wonderful, pesky YCOPers:

HARRISBURG (Aug. 29, 2005)— Mike Veon won a seat in the state legislature in 1984 by rallying taxpayers around his protest of an incumbent’s vote for a pay raise. Two decades later, House Minority Whip Veon voted to give himself a hefty midterm raise to almost $125,000, which is not only self-serving but also blatantly unconstitutional.

Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania (YCOP) will therefore be airing radio ads in Veon’s district urging the Beaver County politician to return to being the idyllic, untainted legislator he once was by supporting a repeal of the pay raise legislation. The ad is part of YCOP’s ongoing project, and can be heard by clicking here.

"Mike Veon failed Pennsylvania taxpayers when he voted for the Rendell tax increase and the bloated 2005 budget, and conspired with other Democrat and Republican legislative leaders to raise his pay a whopping 34 percent," said State Chairman Chris Lilik. "Veon would show real leadership by joining the fight to repeal the unconstitutional pay raise, and urging other House Democrats to follow his lead. We hope Veon should do the right thing and revisit his 1984 anti-pay raise roots."

In its first 10 days alone, the campaign raised more than $10,200. The statewide multimedia campaign will thus be ramped up significantly in upcoming weeks with new billboards and radio ads popping up in additional areas. Visitors to can hear the radio ads, view billboards, make a contribution for a “Remember The Pay Raise!” bumper sticker, or even help sponsor the effort.

For more information on the campaign please visit