RE: Reform Inside Academia (Intellectual Diversity)

There’s no denying it would be an improvement to add, say, one professor who thinks Shakespeare has something to teach the human race to an English department currently 100% staffed by professors who are just mining his plays for examples of racism, ethnocentrism, and the oppression of women. (Take a look, for example, at the website of this former president of the Shakespeare Association of America, who sees “the domestication of women” as “a major project of” Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Believe it or not, Rackin is one of the more reasonable feminist Shakespeare critics.)

Given all the money the federal government takes from us to prop up these sad excuses for universities, I guess we have to lobby for some representation in them.

But since I can remember what things were like before the revolution—or, rather, before the revolution had absolutely crushed the last pockets of resistance—I’m afraid news like Roger’s seems to me almost too little, too late.

Is the best we can hope for a little affirmative action?