Live Aid and Comfort Tour

As Drudge noted, Cindy Sheehan is coming back to Crawford: “I’m coming back to Crawford for my son. As long as the president, who sent him to die in a senseless war, is in Crawford, that is where I belong.”

Sure, her wackiness passed embarrassing a while ago, but that only means she won’t be doing photo-ops with Hillary anytime soon. The anti-war left happily tolerates her Dean-like outbursts and awkward agenda flashing. In an age when Hunter Thompson’s ashes are fired from a cannon, who’s to notice if you feel a little funny or say odd things.

In fact, if she doesn’t need a little break for the nerves by then, look for Cindy on Hanoi Jane’s Live Aid and Comfort Tour, which will be crisscrossing the fruited plain in a bus that runs on vegetable oil starting in March.